Thursday, June 25, 2009

O brother where art thou mustache.....again, not by choice.

Ok, so there has been a long sequence of non-blogging, which is kinda my style anyway but whatever. Anyway this is the latest mustache, you will notice that it is dramatically shorter in length since the last time, and I know what you're saying: "I feel screwed, don't you ever keep mustache updates hidden from me!" Well, ok I'm sorry. Actually the only thing that happened since it was long, black and curled up was it got shaved off completely. Yup, the owner actually had me shave off the mustache in honor of our 1st councilor in our singles ward bishopric. He hated it and so for his last day I shaved it as a surprise for him. So there you go, enjoy the dorky little photo shoot.


Amy Buff said...

Yea you are hot baby.

Megan said...

BAaaaaaahahahahah! This one is great CHIRS!!! Hope you are doing good! I heard you get to face the loser in court who ran you off the road and made your leg eat gravel. JERKY! I hope he has to clean park..or worse...campsite toilets for the next 5 years as his punishment. Been thinking about you a lot lately. Hope you are happy and safe.....AND ENGAGED SOON!!!!!!!!!

Megan said...

um, you need to post the most recent pic of your new look. I call it, "suspicious" looking. LOL! It was fun seeing you kid-o's at granny's funeral. :( :) Happy and sad times. miss you!