Saturday, May 17, 2008

Everyone I know is moving!

Ok, so two blog posts in one yeah Im not bored today. =) But seriously, I just called my dear mother up to see how things were......ok lets be honest, to ask her if they were really moving. Yeah, in case you missed my sarcasm, I found out from my ex girlfriend that my parents were moving from Holladay to the middle of nowhere. (this is the point where you can feel free to think that is a bit messed up) Anyway, along with that news I also got the news that my sister Megan and her family just SOLD their house and will be moving out of state. Yeah, um hello I had no idea they were even thinking about it let alone had their house on the market. Along with that, my buddy Dale, who is one of my only friends here in Phoenix, is moving back to Salt Lake for the summer. In fact as you are reading this blog you might be thinking about moving or are in the process, feels a bit strange doesn't it? Well don't cause I'm pretty sure its me putting a hex on everyone I know? So in an effort to acquire more long term friends Ive decided that unless you are moving you cannot be my friend. lol great that pretty much gets everyone! I'm so trixy, guess you're all stuck with me for good. =)

Love you long time!


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Megan said...

um, I know, we are lame. Sorry buddy. Dad was quite shocked too! NOW COME OUT HERE AND VISIT and take advantage of this amazing place we live.