Monday, April 21, 2008

why is doing what you feel like doing so tough?

Seriously, I have been dealing with this for a couple of days now and still can't get it right. I have always been the type of person that, if I feel strongly about something or feel prompted to do something, I do it. However, lately it seems like I am unable to do that. I wish I could explain my feelings but I don't think I can.....Lame blog, but lets just discuss thoughts.....a penny for your thoughts?

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jenny l p said...

I don't know if that request was rhetorical or directed to everyone, but here are my thoughts anyway.

It sounds like you have what is known as Post-Big Move Saziness. Yes, Saziness. That is Sad and Lazy put together. (It's real, I swear!)

After one uproots his life in his home state and moves hundreds of miles away to an unfamiliar area (not for religious reasons), one might feel excited and invigorated by this upcoming adventure. However, once everything is moved and work has started, a sort of sad, lonely laziness kicks in. You are by yourself, in a new state, with none of the familiar comforts of home for you to return to. You are truely by yourself. So you call your friends at home a lot, lay by the pool or go running in an attempt to convince yourself that all is well and nothing has changed. Then you don't want to go running... you just want to watch TV or lay around. You want to do all these things, yet somehow you can't. But a few weeks, something clicks. Your subconscious realizes that it is tired of moping and wants to get out and go running again.

This is just a general example, "you" does not necessarily mean you. Nor are you moping (but you could be). A big move needs some recoup time and you shouldn't be worried that doing what you feel like doing is just a bit tougher than normal right now. Give it some time. You'll be fine.